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Project requirements

All our antibodies are produced in the UK under Home Office licence. This ensures the highest quality of care for the host animals and the production of premier quality animals.

The Custom Polyclonal Antibody production unit holds a licence under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act. Our facilities are regulated and controlled under strict UK Home Office guidelines ensuring a high standard of animal care by experienced and dedicated staff.

Standard Operating Procedures are in place for all practices, including immunisation, blood sampling and serum preparation.

It is a requirement of the project licence that a summary of each project is sent to the Home Office for approval before any work commences.



The Custom Polyclonal Antibody Production Unit has qualified licensees to carry out procedures and to cover husbandry and animal care.

APS also has qualified immunologists working in the laboratories who offer advice and expertise on protocols design, antigen and purification steps.


Plan of Work

Before any work is started a scientific justification must be completed and COSSH forms for the antigen supplied. APS supplies scientific justification forms for completion prior to the commencement of any project.

A protocol is also generated after discussion between the technical team and the customer to ensure that the goal of the project may be realised. The final protocol is sent to the customer for final approval before any work on the project is initiated.

Once the protocol has been agreed the project is then logged onto the APS custom antibody database and animals are allocated to the project. A schedule is created and sent to the customer for acceptance in order that the project may go ahead.

The schedule is carried out according to the agreed protocol. Any changes to the protocol need to be confirmed in writing. Should any changes be adopted during the course of a project, a new schedule is generated and sent to the customer for acceptance.

Termination of the project is not performed without written confirmation from the customer.


Health checks

Animals are checked at least once daily and more frequently if required.


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Scientific justification

Scientific justification is required before production can be carried out. The justification is assessed as part of the ethical review process. All requests are forwarded to the Home Office for approval. Below is a summary of what is required.

  • A brief summary about the target antigen
  • An explanation as to why this specific antibody is required
  • Background of the scientific study
  • Potential benefits: It is important to explain how the work will benefit the community.

APS document 2456 Scientific Justification Download PDF Document APS 2456 – Scientific Justification

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At APS we understand the requirement for complete confidentiality in all the custom projects that we undertake.
We are happy to enter into agreements with customers to provide the level of confidentiality they require.

APS provide standard confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements for all custom projects undertaken.
We can also adapt these agreements for our customers to provide individually required levels of confidentiality.

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