APS is a UK company offering contract antibody production
and other contract services

Monoclonal Antibody Development

  • Mouse Immunisation, Fusion Screening and Selection, Cloning

Polyclonal Antibody Development

  • Rabbit, goat, sheep, chicken, donkey, cattle, rat and mouse

Bulk Antibody Production

  • Protein based or protein-free adaptation

Peptide Synthesis

  • including peptide design

Purification and Conjugation

  • Protein A/G, Antibody Fragmentation, HRP, FITC, Biotin, affinity chromatography

Cell Culture Products

  • Sera including FBS and Human AB serum
  • Cell Culture supplements including CEE and hPL

Contract Services

  • Product development, testing,
  • bottle filling/dispensing, capping/crimping,
  • lyophilisation and packaging

Custom Filtration - Media and Buffers

  • Standard or custom formulations

Custom Filtration - Biological Products

  • APS sourced or self sourced material

Custom Collection

  • Whole bloods supplied in a variety of anticoagulants, in Alsevers, defibrinated from rabbit, guinea pig, chicken, horse, sheep and other species.

We can custom produce product to your strict specification to meet your time frame with complete confidentiality, complete traceability and our first class customer service.

Our service can be fully modified to your requirements.


Please contact our Customer Services on (0)1234 889180
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