Custom Monoclonal Antibody Project

Monoclonal antibody projects are customized according to your needs. The project can start or finish at any phase and at any moment and no project will continue to the next phase without written confirmation being received from you. APS offers a range of extra options depending on your needs.
APS can offer services in mice (usually 4 BALB/c) or rat. We have standard immunisation protocols which can be adapted to your needs and discussed with the technical team.

Phase 0   –   (3-4 weeks)

Antigen design, antigen production and antigen conjugation.

Phase 1   –   (up to 12 weeks)

Immunisation of four mice, collection of four test bleeds and determination of ELISA titres.

Phase 2   –   (3 weeks)

Fusion of B-cells and myeloma and screening.

Phase 3   –   (2 weeks)

Primary subcloning of “hit(s) of interest” (one round) to ensure stability.

Phase 4   –   (4 weeks)

Preparation of hybridoma for you/scale-up (includes extra subcloning and cell banking ampoules stock).

Phase 5   –   (4-6 weeks)

Scale up of hybridoma with the option for serum-free media.

Phase 6   –   (2 weeks)

Purification, dialysis and characterisation of antibody.

Mono Flow