Meet a few of the amazing team who work behind the scenes at Antibody Production Services, a division of Life Science Group.

Jenny Murray

Managing Director

Jenny serves as Managing Director. She is also the owner of LSG, a company that she started in 2008.  The company was originally formed as a virtual company offering project support for antibody generation projects.  Life Science Group has developed a lot since those days. Now we offer three divisions of expertise; Antibody Generation, Life Science Reagent Manufacture and Components and Reagents for Diagnostic Kits and Kit Design. Jenny has over 30 years of experience in antibody generation and the cell culture industry in the UK and worldwide. She also has a track record in building successful SMEs.

 In the 1980s, Jenny worked with César Milstein to offer the first commercially available monoclonal antibodies to the research community.  She recently completed a three-year term as Chair of the International Serum Industry Association. Jenny currently serves on the ISIA Board and also sub-committees for Regulatory Affairs and Traceability.  She is very proud to be a Trustee of an educational charity WhatisBiotechnology and contributes regularly to content.  This charity aims to bring the important stories surrounding biotechnology to a wider and younger audience.

Parijat Das

Technical Manager of Antibody Production Services

Parijat is the Technical Manager of Antibody Production Service (APS), a division of LSG. She has completed her Ph.D. in ‘Cellular microbiology’, having twelve years of laboratory research experience in Cell and Molecular Biology. Parijat has strong experience in mammalian cell culture (CHO, Splenocytes, NS0 murine myeloma and human monocytic cell line), hybridoma techniques, antibody production, purification and expression. She gained more than 7 years of cell and molecular biology research experience where she got expertise with qPCR, RT-qPCR, Digital PCR, PCR-restriction enzyme pattern analysis (PCR-REA), Cloning and Expression Vector, Affinity-HPLC, SEC-HPLC, ELISA and SDS-PAGE & Western blotting. She has efficiently worked to develop and validate diagnostic kits for the rapid detection of infectious Bovine Mycobacterium SP, including the production and purification of monoclonal antibodies and development of Indirect and DOT ELISA. She also has several scientific publications in national and international journals and she taught postgraduate students.

Leonie Wilson

Production and Lab Manager

Leonie completed her BSc at The University of Sheffield, Biomedical Science and her MSc at Sheffield Hallam, Molecular and Cell Biology – specifically looking at the role ADAMTS (a disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs) played in stroke. Her PhD was done at Queen’s University Belfast in Molecular Parasitology, specifically looking at preventing plant parasitic nematodes from destroying crops and matters concerning global food security.

Leonie’s previous positions developed recombinant protein expression skills in several hosts.

She is interested in playing netball and cooking different foods.