Fleet Bioprocessing Ltd. are well-known worldwide for their expertise in bioconjugation chemistry, smoothly coupling molecules of interest to create powerful new entities such as antibody-enzyme conjugates.
Their experts have worked at the cutting edge of this field since the 1980s, and their Managing Director is co-author of Bioconjugation: Protein Coupling Techniques for the Biomedical Sciences (Macmillan, 1998), a standard reference work in the field.
Within the contract R&D sphere, Fleet have unrivalled experience and knowhow in bioconjugate development. They pride themselves on the reproducibility of their conjugation methods – they routinely employ highly controllable heterobifunctional coupling chemistry allowing the greatest flexibility in achieving your product requirements. Typically they will provide your conjugate as a highly-purified product, in a buffer of your choice, with detailed incorporation information.
Within reason they can couple anything to anything else – and as they have been told more than once by their customers, “If Fleet can’t couple it, nobody can…”

Their services include:

    • Enzyme conjugates
    • Biotin and streptavidin conjugates
    • Fluorescent and luminescent conjugates
    • Digoxigenin conjugates
    • Bead and particle conjugates
    • Oligonucleotide and aptamer conjugates
    • Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs)
    • Lateral flow conjugates
    • Immunogens
    • Others

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